Octavio Paz said about him: “Emilio Adolfo Westphalen is one of the purest poets among all the poets writing in spanish. His poetry is not contaminated by any ideology or moral or theology. Poetry of a poet and not of a professor or a preacher or an inquisitor. Poetry that does not judge, but just astonishes itself and us.”

Tal vez nadawestphalen
pueda compararse
a hacer el amor
en un lecho
de salsa de tomate,
si no es hacerlo en uno
de trozos menudos
de carne de res
recién sacrificada.

Emilio Adolfo Westphalen

Forse nulla
puo essere paragonato
a fare l’amore
su un letto
di salsa di pomodoro,
se non farlo in uno
di piccoli pezzi di manzo
da poco sacrificato.

The only thing that
can be compared
to making love
on a layer
of tomato sauce,
is maybe making it
on a pile of small
pieces of beef
just sacrified.

Translation(s) by Salvatore M.